Timeline. Through history.

If we don’t understand the past, how can we understand our present and future? To truly absorb, appreciate, and reflect on the country we are visiting, we need to look at pivotal moments in history. Begin your journey through the ages now.


  • Jewish timeline
  • General timeline

  • 976-1246 The Babenbergs are the first ruling dynasty of Austria
    1278-1918 The Habsburgs become the second ruling dynasty of Austria
  • 1294 A synagogue is mentioned for the first time on this square
    Since the end of the 12th century Jews are settling in the area that is nowadays called “Judenplatz”/Jewish square
    Around 1400 800 Jews live in the city (about 5 % of the population)
    1421 “Viennese Gesera”: end of the 1st Jewish community of Vienna (the poor are expelled, 200 rich are burned alive)
  • 1529 First siege of Vienna by the Ottoman empire (first Turkish siege), they leave due to food shortage and the coming of winter
  • 1624 The 2nd Jewish community is formed in the nowadays 2nd district
    1670 the 2nd Jewish community is expelled
  • 1683 Second siege of Vienna by the Ottoman Empire (second Turkish siege), the city is saved by a united army at the last minute
  • 1718 A Sephardic community is established in Vienna (they are citizens of the Sultan)
    A treaty between Austria and the Ottoman Empire makes this possible
    1852 The Viennese Jewish community is formed
    1867 Jews and non-Jews have the same rights, all restrictions fall
  • 1867 Austro-Hungarian dual monarchy is formed
    1918 The Austrian Monarchy falls apart at the end of the first WW
    1934-38 Austrofascism, authoritarian rule
    12 March 1938 Austria joints Germany (“Anschluss”)
  • 1938 Before the war the Jewish community in Vienna consists of about 180.000 people
    1938-45 65.000 Jews of the Austrian community are murdered during WW 2
    1945 Only about 5.500 Jews survive the war in Vienna
  • 1945-55 Austria is divided into four zones (American, English, French, Russian), in 1955 Austria gets a state treaty, and ever since is considered a neutral country
    1991 Chancellor Franz Vranitzky acknowledges Austria´s share of responsibility (until this time, official Austria had portrayed their country as the “First Victim”)
  • Today The Jewish community consists of about 8.000 official members, with an estimation of 12,000-15,000 Jewish people living in Austria in total  






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