We get to be real.

We live in this great, big vast world; we get to go, explore places, learn, and discover so much about ourselves. It’s thrilling, really. Yet so much of life is now experienced from behind a screen. It doesn’t come close to the real thing. Let’s not wait around. There’s a world of awesomeness out there.



More about us and read the J² D’var Torah:

 J²  adventures is an independent travel company that walks to the beat its own drum; we do things differently, thoughtfully, meaningfully. J² = Jewish Journeys, but lest you think that J² is the old model of Jewish tours, think again.

 J² adventures is hip, tech savvy, consumer friendly, guest-experience focused, and combines the best in high-end attentive to detail operations befitting a luxury tour operator, combined with creative, high energy, thought-provoking educational expertise. Our journeys span the globe in magical destinations such as Israel, Morocco, Europe, South America and the Persian Gulf.

Rabbi Joseph Ber Soloveitchik z”l spoke about two covenants that exist between Jews: Brit Goral/covenant of fate and Brit Ye’ud/covenant of destiny. 

 He claimed that the covenant of fate represents all things that happen to us, facts of life that are beyond our control, shared experiences that create a feeling of common destiny and cooperation. Whereas the covenant of destiny represents what we choose to do.

 A group of educators, guides, and travel people partnered together and J² came into being as a covenant of fate but we live and act as a covenant of destiny.

 We choose to participate in the design of our future and to create together a place where we can realize our potential in the best way possible. Within an absurd reality, we chose not to succumb to doubt or uncertainty, but rather find a way to rise above daily hardships and join forces to create a better future for ourselves.

 You too belong with J². Start the journey by connecting with a member of the J² squad



Yes, our expert educators and guides are leaders in their field. Absolutely. But what will really make the place come alive are the personal stories and life experiences they will weave into their journey with you. You’ll walk away not only enriched with knowledge but feeling as if you’ve been let in on a fantastic secret. Explore the world with the leaders in luxury Jewish travel, with expert educators by your side every step of the way. 


Each of our experts is known for their profound knowledge as well as their own fresh and individual perspectives. As you’re enjoying access to areas that are usually off-limits to tourists, you’ll get a completely different view of the place you’re visiting – leaving you with more questions than answers and a thirst to delve more and return.


The J2 squad is made up of highly trained experts, educators, and travel professionals who all share a passion for telling the Jewish story.

The J² Values

The seven species are much more than the essential foodstuffs of Biblical Israel. They are symbols of the values and qualities we need to build fruitful lives and communities. We thought we’d use the seven species to outline the values and the qualities that are at the heart of everything we do.

Creativity and Innovation חדשנות

Since the beginning of the Jewish people, grapes have brought joy to our celebrations. A good wine is the result of an ongoing creative process. Our program and innovation team are constantly uncovering new sites, activities, and people that will make your journey richer still. You’ll enjoy our technologically innovative services including our customized trip page and seamless online registration.

Service שרות

Barley, as a staple cereal and a requirement in many Temple sacrifices, was a bedrock of life in ancient Israel. Our bedrock at J² is exemplary service and great logistics. Your personal project manager, customer care team, and expert tour educators ensure that every detail of your trip fits together seamlessly and meets all your needs and goals.

Knowledge בינה

In Jewish tradition, wheat is often used as a symbol of knowledge. The J² squad is committed to providing an educational, enlightening, and inspirational travel experience. Our educators and guides are knowledgeable, engaging, and fun.

Expertise מומחיות

It takes great expertise to pick the fig at the perfect time. J² was conceived by a group of educators, guides, and travel people with many years of experience, together we work to create the ideal journey for every community, congregation, and family that travels with us. With offices strategically located in Tel Aviv, New York, Prague, and Johannesburg, we can meet you where you are and assist with all aspects of your journey, including recruiting and marketing your trip in your community.

Community קהילה

The pomegranate, with its multitude of seeds all found together in one sweet, beautiful fruit, is a symbol of what community and connection can create. At J² we believe that relationships are what makes a travel experience meaningful and moving. Our journeys are designed to allow you and your group to connect with the country and its people in an authentic, inspirational way while strengthening your own personal relationships and communities. We are committed to pluralist, Zionist, and humanitarian values and to an open, multi-faceted exploration of each place we go to.

Trust אמון

The olive is often linked to security and trust. You can trust J²  to handle all your travel requirements in a completely transparent and professional manner. We deliver the facilities, service, and access of an experienced organization while maintaining a personal, responsive relationship with all our clients. Your goals, needs, and safety are our top priority. The result is a travel experience that is both profound and problem-free.

Partnership שותפות

As the seventh and last of the species, the date palm is a symbol of partnership and the belief that, when we work together, we can be like the single, strong branch of the date tree. Partnership is central to J²’s passion. We partner with you to create a profound journey filled with experiences that will inspire and enrich your community.


One luxury travel brand.
Four continents.

J² is a leading luxury travel brand with offices in Tel Aviv, New York, Prague, and Johannesburg. The J² squad creates a joy-filled journey that leaves you with one very important task: Enjoy. 


ADGAR 360 | 2 Hashlosha St.
Ent. C, 17th Fl.
Tel Aviv, Israel 6706062


1001 Avenue of the Americas
19th Fl.
New York, NY 10018


Pernerova 697/35 | 3rd Fl.
186 00 | Karlín
Prague 8, Czech Republic

Johannesburg, SA

44 Melrose Boulevard
Block G, 2nd Fl.
Birnam Johannesburg 2196


Whether you have a journey in mind, want to join a featured trip, or simply want to explore, drop us a note. We work really hard to be a loved travel company that delivers amazing and memorable experiences. So please do not be surprised when we say “yes” to every reasonable request you make!


    Just like you we're concerned for the future. And like you, J2 stands for equality, tolerance, pluralism, and true democracy.