Reform Jewish Journeys. YOUR way.

J² is proud to partner with the CCAR, IMPJ & URJ/ARZA. You can now embark on a Reform Jewish Journey with J² while supporting Reform institutions in Israel and strengthening your Israel connections in North America. Enjoy the benefits of a travel company that is passionate about Jewish journeys, shares your values, and provides you the opportunity to engage and interact with Reform Jews and like-minded travelers in Israel and all around the world.


URJ. Experience the Israel we know and love.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of the Union for Reform Judaism, describes the transformative power of traveling to Israel with J²: “It’s all about finding the right people to help you experience the Israel we know and love, and the Israel that is complex but so incredibly compelling that it steals your heart. It’s a win win win situation.”


Rabbi Hara Person, Chief Executive of Central Conference of American Rabbis, is excited about the partnership between the CCAR & J². “It is good to bring people to Israel and to encounter the country in so many ways, to have authentic experiences and to be taken care of.”

“I love working with J². Whenever I have an idea for a trip, the sparks start flying and the response from the staff is always: ‘Let’s see what we can do.’ There is always a feeling of partnership and openness to new ideas. J² is good for Israel and it is good for the CCAR.”

IMPJ. Discover Reform Judaism in Israel.

Anna Kislanski, head of the Reform Movement in Israel (IMPJ), believes strongly in the power of Jews from both sides of the ocean coming together to share their narrative of the Jewish story. “There is an alliance of fate and destiny between the Israel Reform Movement and Reform congregations from around the world. I thank J² for allowing us to create encounters in Israel and for its support of the Israel Reform Movement.”

ARZA. Equality. Democracy. Pluralism. Israel.

Rabbi Josh Weinberg, Vice President of the URJ for Israel and Reform Zionism, shares how experiencing the ancient land and encountering the challenges and struggles of the modern State of Israel is a unique opportunity that must be done with experts. “Traveling with J² will ensure that your Jewish Journey is created by expert educators, passionate and attentive project managers, along with a customized itinerary to suit the needs of your travelers. Traveling with J² also means that you are not only supporting our Movement but are working together with us to enhance the place of Israel and Jewish travel in your congregation/organization.”




Whether you have a journey in mind, want to join a featured trip, or simply want to explore, drop us a note. We work really hard to be a loved travel company that delivers amazing and memorable experiences. So please do not be surprised when we say “yes” to every reasonable request you make!






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