Timeline. Through history.

If we don’t understand the past, how can we understand our present and future? To truly absorb, appreciate, and reflect on the country we are visiting, we need to look at pivotal moments in history. Begin your journey through the ages now.

  • Jewish timeline
  • General timeline

  • 515 Visigoths Kingdom established on the Peninsula
    589 3rd Council of Toledo: restrictions on Jews
    711 Muslim forces invade Iberia
    756-929 Cordoba Emirate
    912-961 Abd-Ar-Rahman III
  • 915/20-970 Hasdai Ibn Shaprut in Cordoba
  • 929-1031 Caliphate of Cordoba
  • 933-1056 Shmuel Hanagid in Granada
  • 1031 Caliphate splits into Party States (Taifas)
  • 1066 Mob attack on Granada’s Jews
  • 1070 Almoravides capture Granada
  • 1074-1141/7 Yehuda Halevi
  • 1086-1147 Almoravid conquest of Moslem Spain
    1085 Christian King Alfonso VI captures Segovia, Madrid & Toledo
  • 1135-1204 Maimonides (Rambam)
    1194-1270 Nahmanides (Ramban)
  • 1212 Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa – Alfonso III defeats Almohads
  • 1250 First Blood Libel in Spain in Saragossa
    1250-1305 Moses De Leon writes the Zohar
    1263 Barcelona Disputations Nahmanides vs Pablo Christiani
    1320-1361 Don Samuel Halevi Abulafia. 1354 builds El Transito synagogue in Toledo.
  • 1348 Black Plague
    1350-1419 St. Vincent Ferrer incitement against Jews
  • 1355 & 1366 Jews of Toledo Massacred
    1390 Rabbi Shlomo Ha-Levi of Burgos converts to Christianity
  • 1391 Pogroms throughout the Peninsula
    1469 Marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella
    1473 Massacre of Conversos throughout the Peninsula
    1474 Isabella I crowned Queen of Castile
    1478 Inquisition established by Ferdinand & Isabella
    1483 Tomas de Torquemada, Dominican: Inquisitor General
    1492 Columbus sails
    Spanish Monarchs capture Granada
  • Expulsion of Jews from Spain 100,000-200,000 expelled






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