Timeline. Through history.

If we don’t understand the past, how can we understand our present and future? To truly absorb, appreciate, and reflect on the country we are visiting, we need to look at pivotal moments in history. Begin your journey through the ages now.


  • Jewish timeline
  • General timeline

  • 895-896 The Settlement: Hordes – Seven tribes led by Arpad
    1000-1541 Independent Christian Kingdom started by St. Stephen
  • 1092 Council of Szabolcs anti-Semitic Christian convocation
    1235-1270 King Bela IV – special protection and rights for Jews
  • 1458-1490 King Matyas Golden Age
    1526-1686 Turkish Occupation
  • Turkish Rule – Unprecedented Jewish prosperity from 1541
  • 1526 Battle of Muhacs Defeat at the hands of the Turks
    1686-1867 Habsburg Dynasty
  • 1780-1790 Joseph II: Patent of Toleration – Start of Emancipation
    1854-1859 Dohany Synagogue (3,000 Seats)
    1867 Emancipation all civil and political rights
    1868 Domination of Neologs in Jewish life
  • 1867-1918 Austro-Hungarian dual monarchy compromise: Age of Reform
  • 1895-1920 Golden Age for Jews
  • 1914-1918 Defeat in World War I – over 1 million died, 18% of all Hungarian soldiers
  • Active role of Jews
  • June 1920 Treaty of Trianon based on Versailles Treaty
    Loss of 84% timber, 70% terrritory, 60% roads & 60% population
    1919 Communist Red Terror. Bela Kun – 133 days
  • 1920 Law XXV Numerus Claus Law limiting the number of Jews allowed to enter higher education to 6%, their proportion in the Hungarian population.
  • 1939-1945 World War II – 1 million died
  • 500,000 Jews killed (67% of Hungary’s Jews)
    1945-1948 Many Jews in the Communist State Government
  • 1948-1989 Communist Rule
    October 1956 Revolution Soviet military invasion
  • Revolution 20,000 Jews emigrated
  • March 1990 Democracy
  • 2014 Estimated 80,000-100,000 Jews






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