What assistance do you provide in preparing for the journey?

You may have months to go before you board a plane, but your journey with us begins immediately. From the time you register until you take off, you will receive emails with everything you need to know before you go including educational and fun items to help you get excited for your journey.

If you are a tour leader with a large group, you will also get:

  • Your own customized journey webpage for all participants with travel information, tips, highlights, and online registration.
  • Marketing materials: A specially designed catalog of marketing materials including: e-flyer, rollup banner, flipbook, and Facebook graphic to support your trip publicity and recruitment efforts.
  • The J2 App: Easy-to-use tailor-made app includes flight details, packing tips, itinerary, bios, study material & resources, interactive maps, and free time suggestions.


Whether you have a journey in mind, want to join a featured trip, or simply want to explore, drop us a note. We work really hard to be a loved travel company that delivers amazing and memorable experiences. So please do not be surprised when we say “yes” to every reasonable request you make!


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