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Portugal is a true gem and one of the most undiscovered places in Europe, this beautiful and diverse country has so much to offer: exquisite coastline, Douro Valley wine region, medieval castles, Lisbon’s cobbled streets, and Porto the crown jewel of Portugal. All of this and the food and wine are remarkable.


The history of Portuguese Jewry is one of both triumph and tragedy. During Portugal’s Golden Age, more than 200,000 Jews lived in the country and represented 20 percent of the population. With the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492, it wasn’t long before the Portuguese crown was applying the same drastic measures to their Jewish citizens. The “hidden Jews” survived and today, a rebirth of Judaism is apparent. Portugal has made significant efforts to maintain and restore Jewish synagogues and historic sites and this presents the traveler with an opportunity to discover, support and engage with local Jewish communities.


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Did we already mention that the food and wine are remarkable.




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